Getting Unused to It

“So, it gets easier over time? Because if that’s the case, boys are dumb.”

He rubbed her shoulders and shrugged. “Well, not easier exactly. But for the first week or so you’re used to coming, so your body sort of expects it, but then after a week your body is more used to not coming, so it doesn’t expect it as much. You just slowly stop wanting to jerk off as much, everything else being equal.”

“Really?” She moaned as her muscles relaxed under his hands, and melted into the bed a little further.

He worked his way down her back, smoothing out the muscles, feeling the tension evaporate. “That’s how it works for me. Not saying it’s the same for all men, age and health probably change it, and seeing naked lady skews things, but that’s generally how it goes.”

“Hm. Next time I lock up your cock, we’ll do weekly orgasms then.”

“Huh?” He stopped rubbing for a second. “Why?”

She wiggled to remind him to keep massaging her back and sighed. “I don’t want you to ever get used to it.”

He started working his way up her back, then nodded. “Yes ma’am. That sounds kind of… interesting.”

She sighed under him. “Yes it does.”

Preview: She whistled to let him know she was there.

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Denying Denial

She bounced an eyebrow, and rocked her head from side to side. “Locking it up isn’t enough. I want you to ache to be released.” She pushed him back against the wall with her foot, keeping him off balance, holding him there while she looked down at him. He looked good on his knees.

“I mean, if I’m going to deprive myself of the pleasure of your cock, I really want you to suffer.” She leaned forward, putting more weight on the foot resting on his chest. “I want you to ache for every second you’re locked up.”

She pulled her robe open, and let it fall to the floor. She put her foot back on the floor, and fiddled with the plastic chastity device. She licked her lips, and then shuffled her legs apart. She put the base against her cunt, and grinned down at him. “Suck on it. If you can get your tongue in it, you can lick my pussy.”

He crawled forward, and wrapped his lips around the plastic tube. He rubbed his tongue against the slit in the end, trying to shove it through the hole to get at her cunt. The plastic tube filled his mouth and rattled against his teeth as he eagerly worked his tongue against the plastic slot. The sight and smell of her cunt being so near kept his tongue repeatedly jabbing against the end of the chastity tube.

She pushed his head back with one hand, and slapped his face with the other. “You’re just not trying hard enough.” She slapped him again, then again, snapping his head from one side to the other. “I guess I’ll have to help you.” She started rubbing the chastity device up and down her slit, jerking off with it, sliding it up and down until it glistened.

“Now, lick it clean.” She caught his head as he leaned towards her, and held him in place. “Slowly. Carefully.” She let his head creep towards her, and he gingerly began to lick her wetness from the plastic cage.

“I want you to ache every time you think of the cage locked around your dick. I don’t want you to just be locked up, I want you to be straining in that cage, trying to get hard every minute of the day. I want it to be the first thing you feel when you wake up. I want you to be constantly reminded that I own your cock, and you won’t get any pleasure out of that filthy piece of meat unless I grant it.”

She pushed his head back, rubbed the cage up and down her slit again, slid it inside of her cunt, and gently worked it in and out. “I might even make you fuck me with it, just like this… Or have you buy a second one, so you can keep trying to get your tongue inside it and lick my cunt.”

She closed her eyes and moaned, leaning back and thrusting her hips forward. “Oh, I like that idea. You sucking off one chastity device while you’re locked up in another one. I think we’ll be doing that.”

“But first I’m going to need you do one more thing for me. Put it in your mouth and just keep it there.” He wrapped his lips around the plastic tube again, sliding it into his mouth, waiting. She let the piss trickle out of her, watching his throat rise and fall as it poured out the holes in the chastity device and he swallowed eagerly, greedily. “We’ll be doing this too. It will help in the training of your disgusting cock.”

She pushed his head back again, holding him away from the chastity device smashed against her crotch. He licked his lips while she looked down at him, watching his cock. When it started to grow soft, she shrugged and stepped back. “We’ll do this again tomorrow. When you can stay hard just looking at your cock cage, I’ll put you in it. Not before.”

Preview: “If your cock gets hard, we’ll be doing this for real…”

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Sweet Dreams

“I really wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

He paused, pants halfway down his legs, hunched over. “What? Take off my clothes?”

She propped her head up one hand. “Come to bed.”

“Why not?” He shifted his weight, balancing carefully.

“I’ve been feeling… I guess the word is predatory lately. I really want to take down something strong that is temporarily weak and helpless.” Her eyes roamed up and down his body, fixing on the curve where his neck met his shoulder. “Like when it was asleep.”

He slid his pants down his legs, and licked his lips. “Asleep?”

“Um-hum.” She licked her lips and nodded. “You’ve been dropping your subtle hints about being locked in chastity again lately, and I’ve been wondering if I could put it on you while you slept.”

He pulled his pants off and tossed them in the clothes hamper, then grinned at her. “That doesn’t sound so bad, actually.”

“I’ve also been wondering about coating the inside of it with Icy-Hot.”

He winced. “That sounds less fun.”

“I know.” Her eyes narrowed, and she eyed his underwear. “Loose the boxers, they’re chafing me.”

He pulled them off slowly, then tossed them in the hamper. “Uhm…”

She motioned him closer with her free hand. “Do you think you’d wake up if I put a collar around your neck? I kind of want to chain you to the bed, and
not let you go until you get me off with your mouth. That would make your cock hard, wouldn’t it? I mean, that would really get whatever I put on the inside of that plastic tube that controls your cock smeared on well, wouldn’t it? I’d just hate for you to go running off to the bathroom to try to wash it off before I was done with your mouth.”

He whimpered, and carefully slid into bed, not taking his eyes off of her.

“You don’t by the way. Wake up. I put a collar on you last night, took it off, and you didn’t wake up at all. Slept like a baby. And lose the shirt.”

He pushed the shirt up over his head, and dropped it on the floor behind him. His breathing was harder and faster, and his cock twitched at the thought of waking up to pain and captivity.

She shifted her weight, then pulled the covers down and smiled pleasantly at the sight of his naked body. “I know you’re wondering if I’m just bluffing, and I’d hate for you to be uncertain. So I took some pictures.” She slid her phone across the bed to him, and flicked it awake with a swipe of her finger.

The picture was of him, asleep, with a collar around his neck. The next picture was of her holding the chastity cage over his cock. He looked carefully, but couldn’t tell if the glistening plastic was just the flash, or if there was something smeared on the inside. The next picture was a of a cat. He frowned and slid it back across the bed to her.

“Turn the light off, and scooch over. I want to cuddle, and I want to be the big spoon. And maybe if you hold me tight enough, I won’t feel like moving and doing those horrible things to you.”

He flipped the light off and moved over to her side of the bed, wrapping his arm around her and pulling her tight. His cock was hard, and she purred as she felt it pressing up against her.

“Or maybe I will. Sweet dreams.” She snuggled back against him, closed her eyes, and started to drift off.

He laid there for a long time, wondering if she was really asleep, then closed his own eyes and drifted off.

Preview: “Locking it up isn’t enough. I want you to ache to be released.”

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The Tyrant and the Subject

“I kind of like it when you just take things.”

She shrugged, and threw another book in the donate pile. “I appreciate that, but sometimes I also appreciate it when you just give me things.”

“Sometimes I just give you things because I think you’ll just take them if I don’t.” He put the book in a box and rearranged another pile of “Keep” before it fell over. “Hope that doesn’t ruin it for you.”

She shrugged again. “Not really, I mean, let’s face it, you always have your safeword, and if you really wanted to stop, you’d use it. I know on a certain level that everything we do you want to do, your occasional screams and protests aside.”

He looked at the book and frowned. “Bellows, those are more like bellows.”

She grinned and threw a book at him. “You need original material, you’ve used that quote before. And I’m pretty sure you got the wording wrong anyway.”

He nodded agreeably. “I’ll try to think of some. About the taking thing?”

“Uhm-hm.” She looked from pile to pile, finally sighed and threw another book in the donate pile. At the rate the author was writing she’d be long dead and civilization would have crumbled before the series ended anyway.

“What if we compromised? For every one thing you just took, I gave you one thing?”

She mulled the idea over. “I think it could go very badly for you. Give me an example?”

“Well… I don’t think you could take everything, I’d still not into the 24/7 mistress/slave uber-BDSM lifestyle. But maybe tyrant/subject?” He flipped through a book in the keep pile and pulled out an old grocery list. “I figure a good tyrant would get about 1/3 of a subject’s productivity, that’s 1/3 for the subject, 1/3 for the tyrant, and 1/3 for God. So what if I gave you 1/3 of my orgasms? Wore the chastity device for 1/3 of each day?”

“You want to give me your locked up cock for eight hours a day? To be honest that sounds really inconvenient. I think I’ll just take one-third of your cock. I want the third on the end, you can have the rest. I’ll be generous and still let you piss out of it, but if you want to jerk off, no touching the last third. And if I find the urethral sounds, I’m going to do some renovating.”

He thought it over. “Okay. What do you want to take?”

“You need about 1100 words of vocabulary to have a decent conversation. I want one-third of your words.” She frowned as she did the math. “So I’ll be taking 366, starting with yellow and red. I’ll let you know the rest as we go along.”

“Hey! Those are my safewords!”



She nodded and started on another shelf. “If you seriously want to do this, yeah. So far I own one-third of your cock, that’s the third furthest from your balls, which I’ll let you keep all of because I’m not at all interested, and one-third of your words, including red and yellow. Oh, also the word ‘no.’ I’ll take that one as well. Agreed?”

“Well, yes, because I can’t say the other word.”

“I look forward to making you scream ‘Antonym of yes’ over and over by the way.”

He laughed along with her. “I look forward to screaming ‘Crimson, Ruby, Barn Red’ if things get too heavy.”

She walked over and sat on the floor beside him, leaning back against the wall and putting her hand on his leg. “See? That’s my point. Even if I took away your safe word, I’d still respect it if you used it. So I can only do so much taking before it all feels fake, and like I’m just telling you what to give me, and I prefer it when you find things on your own. You surprise me, and it’s nice to know you just gave me those things, because you wanted to.”

He rubbed the top of her hand with his own, and listened carefully. “I see your point. Worst tyrant ever, but I see your point.”

She smiled at him. “Worst? Or best?”

He frowned. “I’m really not sure, but it seems to be working out well for both of us.”

She kissed his cheek, and got back up. “It was working out well for you. One third of your books would have cleared a lot of space on these shelves. And I definitely thought about it.” She walked overt to the shelves and frowned.

He smiled too and stood up, walking over to hug her from behind. “How about a fifth?”

She nuzzled into the crook of his arm, and purred. “See? I’d rather be given a fifth than take a third.”

“Best tyrant ever.” He kissed her neck and started sorting his books.

Preview: She laughed again, appreciating his caution, not impatient. Yet.

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