The Evolution of the Language

Your cock?” One eyebrow and the corner of her mouth flipped up, the lopsided, playfully cruel face he loved.

“You know what I mean.” He sighed and his shoulders rolled from side to side in a series of gentle shrugs, an eye roll he had gotten into the habit of while wearing the hood, but which sometimes came out in other situations. “The most annoying part of chastity play is getting the possessive right. And noun-pronoun agreement.”

She pushed her fingertips into his chest, feeling them sink slightly before stopping, shoving him back against the wall. “Then let me help you remember.”

He could feel her hot, wet breath against his skin as she spat out words. “She pulled down his pants exposing blank cock?”

“Her!” He barked the word, a minion addressing a superior.

Blank cock started to get hard, until it hit the cage it was in.”

“Her!” A sudden feeling of constriction and pressure as his cock pushed against the plastic tube wrapped around it.

“Starting to get it?” She pinned his throat against the wall with her other forearm, feeling his whole body shaking, the tremors running down her body and connecting them. “Anything else to say?”

“No, nothing else to say, thank you for removing her cock…” He was babbling, word salad from a warm, safe place. The safest place to be, knowing your torturer did it because they loved you.

“Removing it? I didn’t know you wanted me to remove it, but never let it be said I’m not accommodating. Lay down on your back, and stay.” She pushed him to the floor. “Think about clarifying that, because I think it’s time for knife play. And some further language lessons.”

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