For Science

He winced when he saw the lab coat.

She grinned when she saw him wince. “Something wrong?”

“That damn coat.”

She smoothed the white cloth, forcing it against her tits, down her stomach, and against her thighs. “My mad scientist coat? But I have so much fun in it.”

He shuddered. “Wax, electricity, and ‘how much icy hot can go on balls’ isn’t fun.”

She waggled a finger sternly. “Don’t forget shoving metal rods up your dick hole.”

His hand reflexively jerked towards his crotch. “Oh. I was blindfolded for that one, but I’ll add it to the list.”

“Don’t be such a spoil sport.” She sidled up to him, rubbing her tits against his body. “It’s not like I’m going to kill you and reanimate your corpse as a mindless cock slave for my own pleasure.” He could feel her breasts through the layers of fabric, and stubbornly tried not to look down. “Not even a little bit. In fact…” She laughed and ran her fingers along his ribs. “Today’s science lesson: magnets!”

His lip curled, but he felt his cock twitch in spite of the pain and humiliation he knew was coming. “Magnets?”

“Magnets.” She waggled her eyebrows, and wiggled her fingers at him. “Remove your clothing, it interferes with the science.”

He swallowed hard and started to take off clothes, piling them in the corner of the room. When he was naked, hands at his side, she motioned him over to the couch where she was sitting. She spun him around roughly, the handcuffs clicking over his wrists, pinning his hands behind him. She spun him back around, and grabbed his balls, pulling them away from his body and looping the rough twine around them, pulling it down tight. The black metal disc dangled from the end, pulling his balls away from his body, swinging back and forth.

“Magnets are, shockingly, attracted to other magnets. Let’s demonstrate.” She tossed another magnet across the room. It bounced and rolled across the floor, then stopped. “Well, go get it.”

He shuffled carefully across the room, his hands behind his back, the magnet swinging between his thighs. He stood over the magnet, leaned forward, and carefully lowered his body until his upper legs were parallel to the floor. The magnet hanging from his balls swung in a lazy arc until it got close to the magnet on the floor. The string jerked slightly and with a loud click the magnets snapped together.

She let out an excited “eek!” when the two magnets joined, and licked her lips. “But a key part of the scientific method is reproducibility. Isn’t it?”

He straightened back up, and drew a long, ragged breath. “Yes, ma’am.”

She threw a pair of magnets to opposite corners of the room, and slapped his ass, hard. “Come on, I’ll never get government funding if my assistant is slow. Move it.”

He shuffled towards the closer of the two, the magnets pulling harder on his balls. She walked along behind him, slapping his ass. “God, I’d love to do research for the Federal Department of Mad Scientists. I’d need a cooler acronym, but I think I’d have a few hundred men marching back and forth across the dessert, a nice hard packed mud landscape, pulling magnets out of dispensers with their balls.”

She moaned as he lowered himself again, and a third magnet clamped itself to the other two. “Back and forth all day in the sun, their feet bleeding, their balls aching. Hundreds of big, tough men, wincing as they walked back and forth with all that weight hanging off their balls.”

He felt his cock twitching as he shuffled across the room and got caught up in her fantasy. “You could consider a reward, for whoever did best.”

She smiled a dreamy grin, and slapped his ass again. “I suppose I could, but random rewards seem more fun. Maybe I’d keep a bucket of water in my nice shaded observation platform, and let whoever I liked from the day before lick my boots all day.” She tossed another magnet and slapped his ass again, the electric jolt of contact traveling up her arm and down into her stomach.

“Hm, I like that. I think I’d have them go in a circle in front of me, picking magnets up from timed dispensers, and every time they passed they could get down on their hands and knees and get a drink from the bucket and thank me.” He squatted down to get another magnet and she put her hands on his shoulders, holding him in the awkward position until she saw his thighs start to tremble. She left him that way a little longer, then hauled him to his feet by hair.

He let out a breath of thanks, and started mincing towards the next magnet. “You’re very kind to give them water, ma’am.”

She chuckled, picking up on the cue, and decided to play along. “Oh, I’d piss in it as the day went on. We might as well study how magnetism affects thirst while we’re at it. You know, for the taxpayers. I personally would get no pleasure from a group of men hobbling around in a circle with bloody, broken feet and magnets pulling on their balls drinking my piss out of a bucket and thanking me. I’m a professional scientist.”

She leaned down and attached two more magnets to the column hanging from his balls, just to see the skin stretch a little more. “Of course, some filthy boys might enjoy that.” She wrapped a hand around the chain on the cuffs as he got to the next magnet, and held him up so she could whisper in his ear. “Maybe at the end of the day, I’d let anyone who wanted to jerk off into the bucket. Of course, it’d still be there the next day when they wanted a drink.”

He closed his eyes, feeling the weight pulling down on his balls, the dull ache of the twine sawing into the sensitive skin. The cuffs chafed his wrists, and left him hyper-aware of his helplessness, his utter inability to prevent hurt and degradation. He imagined himself on his knees, his skin tortured and raw from the sun, faced with a bucket of diluted piss and cum, and still so thirsty he would shove his face into it and drink, and thank her. He felt her let go of his cuffs, and sank down until the magnet latched onto the others in the column.

He stood up with a wince, and she reached around him to fondle his cock. “Does that sound like a good reward?”

“Yes ma’am.” He whimpered the words, his eyes tightly closed.

She nodded, feeling her breath get faster. “Go get the bucket from under the sink then, and if you’re very good, and you pick up all the magnets, you can be my bucket bitch. You might even get to eat dinner out of it, if I can think of something that goes well with cum and piss.”

He nodded and shuffled off towards utility closet where they kept the bucket. She wondered if the handle had enough metal he could pick it up with the magnets, and then shrugged. If not, he could wear it around his neck while he picked up the rest of the magnets.

She unfastened the top button of her lab coat, and felt her chest getting hotter. Her hand flitted towards her cunt, but she made it stop. She wanted to keep herself on the edge, desperate to see him suffer a little more, until the experiment ended.

For science.

Preview: He glanced back at the screen and paused the game. “What kind of list?”

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Scene From a Burger Restaurant: Fantasy

This is a two-parter. Come back Monday morning for the exciting conclusion, Scene From a Burger Restaurant: Reality.

She dragged him out to the garage by his hair, pulling him through the house with quick steps. They rushed through the door and hopped down the step to the concrete, across the dimly lit cavernous room, and to the wall. She slammed him against it face first, planting his cheek against unpainted drywall and holding it there.

Handcuffs wrapped around one wrist, then the other, pinning his arms behind his back. A garbage bag slid over his head, and down to his shoulders. He could feel the tape wrapping around his neck, cinching the trash bag tight against his skin, screeching softly as it made another loop. The space grew smaller as she pulled down folds of the bag, taping them down, holding them tight against his body.

He could feel the air getting hot and humid as he tried to control his breathing, and sighed in relief as she sank her fingers into the plastic, working them through it and into his mouth. She widened the hole, giving him a way to breathe, and he took long, grateful gulps of cool air.

He winced when he felt his pants and underwear being pulled down, hobbling him at the ankles. He felt her leg in front of his, then she had him by the shoulders, gently but firmly shoving him down and holding him at the same time. The plastic on his face slid along the wall until his knees hit the concrete, dirt and small pieces of gravel digging into his skin. He immediately started shifting his weight, trying to find the least painful position for his knees.


He froze, and heard her moving around him. He heard her footsteps return before he felt something, metal and hard but flexible, a chain, wrapping around his throat. It pulled against his throat, cutting into the muscle and skin, then slackened a little. He heard a click and the sudden weight of a padlock pulling down as she locked the links together. The chain pulled up slightly, and he sensed her moving around him.

She muttered something he couldn’t hear, then there was the sound of three gentle taps, then louder thuds and the crash of metal on metal. The nail sank into the wall, and she kept hitting until it was about halfway in, then turned to underhand blows that bent it over. It moved to a ninety degree angle, then further until the head of the nail smashed into the wall, securing the end of the chain.

She stepped back, and looked at him. Kneeling on the concrete floor, naked from the waist down, the edges of the trash bag fluttering around his lips as he breathed in and out. The chain was padlocked around his neck, and the free end was fixed to the wall with the nail. She leaned in closer to him, and spoke into his ear.

“You’re not even good enough to be a cum dumpster. You’re just going to be a regular dumpster. I’m going to clean out the fridge now, and fill you with the garbage. Fill you up with waste until you can’t stand it anymore. And…” She trailed off, then leaned in closer, biting off each word and over-enunciating.

“If your cock gets hard, we’ll be doing this for real… I’ve got the car backed up to the door, I’ll pull the nail and drag you outside by the chain, throw you in the trunk, and we’ll go downtown. That nice burger place has a fence around their dumpster, I’m sure I could talk them into letting me chain you to it. You could spend all evening naked on your knees, getting leftover food shoved down your throat.”

“I’d be there to take pictures for anyone that wants them, and make sure nothing bad happens to you. Well, nothing permanently bad anyway. If you are a bad dumpster, say if you puke from another handful of cold, greasy food, we’ll just have to find another hole to put things in. I wonder if you’ll beg for a cock or a woman’s hand up your ass well enough that we’d promote you to a fuck dumpster? I don’t think you could do that, personally.”

“I think you’ll just end up getting food shoved up your ass the rest of the night while your face sits in a puddle of puke. Oh, eventually the food will just fall back out of your ass, but getting your nose rubbed in it will at least get your face out of the puke. And maybe if you eat it, we’ll even stop shoving more up your ass, and let you go back to being a regular dumpster.”

“Do you think you could do that? Will you eat food off the ground after it was shoved up your ass and fell out? Will you be such a good little dumpster that someone eventually takes pity on you, and decides you could be their cum dumpster? Will one of the cute waitresses jerk you off, and then giggle and watch while you lick your cum up off the dirty ground? Or will they just get you close to an orgasm, then leave you to be filled with more garbage? Your cock will be so hard and aching, but without any release?”

“Do you think anyone working there is gay? Will they decide a nice blowjob from the dumpster would help them get through their shift? Will you suck a cock to make it stop? Will you swallow another man’s cum just so you can be a cum dumpster? Will you really do your best at sucking someone off so they’ll drag you into the bathroom, and you can do relatively normal things like sucking dick? Maybe get a nice mouthful of a stranger’s piss? That would probably be an improvement for you.”

“Will you be grateful? Will you be such a thankful little cum dumpster just so they don’t send you back out to be a regular dumpster? Will you simper and grovel and tell them how good their cocks taste? Will you thank the waitresses for denying you orgasms as they jerk you to the very edge, then leave you there? Because I think if you cum, after you lick your mess up, you’ll go back to being a regular dumpster. Cum dumpsters eat cum, they don’t make it. So maybe if you beg nicely, instead of jerking you off the waitresses will let you lick the sweat from an eight hour shift off the soles of their feet. Maybe.”

“Do you think your horrible cunt of a partner will leave you there overnight for the brunch crowd tomorrow? For the whole weekend? Will she stay there to protect you, or just set up a webcam and go home and watch you getting abused for the next three days?”

“You think about that. I’m going to go through the fridge, but I’ll be back. Maybe we’ll do some of those things I just described. And if you want the rest of them to happen, just let your dick get hard.”

He whimpered and instinctively tried to lower his body, but the chain held him up. He held his body against the wall, and listened to her footsteps going away. Her words ran through his head, he felt his cock twitch, and he whimpered again.

Preview: Part 2 of Scenes From a Burger Restaurant! “Oh, are you getting hard? Sure you want to do that?”

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