The List 7: Assholes Are For Being Violated

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From part 6: She reached over and dragged an old blanket off the end of the bed, and spread it out in front of him. He leaned forward as she slipped away, and she smoothed a wrinkle in the blanket with her foot. “I think that covers the legs. Hands and knees now. It’s time we fill that hole in your ass.”

He slid down to the floor, wincing as his legs hit the blanket, and shuffled in an awkward circle. When he was facing away from her, he lowered his head to his arms, and gritted his teeth at the pain radiating through his legs.

She gathered the things she needed from the dresser, and the smell of lubricant and latex moved through the air. A glove snapped over one hand, and she brusquely began forcing lube up his ass. She’d beaten him down, reveled in his pain, now she just wanted to use him to get off. To treat him like a sex toy bought from a sleazy store for her pleasure.

She worked one end of the dildo in his ass, slowly pushing until the head slid into his body. He moaned as it pushed inside, and slipped in further by inches. He could feel it pushing its way inside, and tried to relax at the feeling of intrusion, to fight his instinct to clench and tighten the muscles in his ass. She worked it in slowly, further in then back slightly, not fucking him, just working it inside his body.

When half of the double headed dildo had disappeared inside him and the rest dangled out of his ass like a perverted tail, she swatted him on the rump. “On your back, and don’t you dare let that fall out of your ass.” He rolled over onto his side, then awkwardly onto his back, feeling the latex flop and twist underneath him. She picked up his ankles and shoved them towards his face, curling his body until his ass was pointed at the ceiling, the dildo still protruding.

“Stay in the position.” She ripped open a condom while he grabbed his ankles and balanced himself in the awkward position. She slipped the latex rubber over the end of the dildo, and smiled down at him. “I think I’ll get some pleasure while I violate you. In the interest of efficiency.”

She lifted her dress, and stepped over him, steadying the dildo with one hand while she slipped it into her cunt. She was still wet from the caning she had given him earlier, and the fake cock slid into her easily as she lowered her weight. She moaned and let herself fall until she felt herself hit his body, then dragged herself back up and down again.

She forced herself to go slowly, fucking herself on the fake cock protruding from his ass, watching him from behind half-closed eyelids. Looking at the bruised and contusions on his legs, feeling his body twitch and tremble under her as he fought to remain in the position. She could see his cock twitch and his eyes get wider as he watched her fucking herself, and tried to ignore the feeling of the cock in his ass while enjoying the view of her body being penetrated.

She stroked her clit gently, another source of pleasure slowly building inside of her, circling halfway around as she lowered herself, then slowly finishing the circle as she raised herself back up. She ground down onto his body, filling her cunt, then raising herself until the dildo almost came out.

Horrible fantasies flitted through her mind, images of fusing a man’s joints so he was locked in this position forever, feeding him intravenously and using him as a fucking machine while watching madness creep into his eyes day after day. Maybe she’d let him keep movement in his jaw so he could beg her to show him mercy. Listen to the sounds of his pleas and watch his pretty eyes while she fucked herself on the fake cock sticking out of his body.

She moaned at the thought of keeping him in a box while she wasn’t using him, a sturdy gag in his mouth and nothing but darkness around him. Would he eventually look forward to being used by her, just to get out of the darkness and his prison? Would she be interested in him anymore then, or would she want another toy, one who would still look at her with hatred in his eyes while she fucked herself on the dildo sticking out of his ass and his own cock hung in front of him?

She groaned and sighed, finally letting herself reach a slow, warm climax, and slid off the dildo. “Ugggg.” She smiled and licked her lips, letting her dress fall back down. “You can put your feet down, now, and take the dildo out of your ass.”

She stepped aside and his feet thudded into the floor. He rolled over on his side and awkwardly reached behind himself to pull the dildo out. It was slick and wet and glistened as he put it down on the edge of the blanket, and winced as sore muscles protested how long they had been kept in the unnatural position.

She was still grinning as she looked down at him. “I could get used to that. But business before pleasure, and now that we’ve violated that asshole of yours, I think it’s time we got on with the list and gave those cheeks some color.”

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The cardboard scraped against his cheeks as he slid his head inside the box. She looked down at him through the open top, and stuffed paper towels between his neck and the skin. The duct tape ripped off the roll with a hiss, and she leaned down to tape the cardboard to his skin.

He shifted his weight from one knee to the other, and tried to follow her as she moved around him. “Seven would have been a totally different movie if he had just done it this way.”

She laughed and flicked his ear. “Don’t move. What’s in the box? It’s your wife’s head, and there’s the rest of her! Still attached! And preggers!”

“Ten months later he shoots himself, just so he can get some damn sleep.” He held his head still, watching her from the corners of his eyes as she circled back into view.

She frowned, looking down at him, thinking.

“I’m funny, damn it.”

She grinned. “I know, I was thinking about something else.” She paused, then shrugged. “I suppose I’ll have to, or you’ll whine all night.”

She left and came back with goggles. They snapped over his eyes, the rubber strap holding them to his head. “I don’t want to get salt in your eyes. Yet.”

“Yet? What do you mean…” The question was cut off as chips started falling on his head, running down the sides of his face and filling up the box.

She stuck her tongue out at him, and made sure the broken chips and powder on the bottom hit him on top of the head.

On his knees, a cardboard box wrapped around his head, his eyes barely peaking over the edge of the box and hidden behind the goggles, he pursed his lips and tried to look dignified. “Yet.” He pushed chips away from his mouth with his lips, and inhaled the scent of salt and ranch flavoring.

“Stay on your knees, but scoot closer to the couch. And don’t spill my chips. Unlike some people, I don’t enjoy eating off the floor.”

He shuffled backwards awkwardly until his feet hit the couch, then keeping his head upright, slid his feet and lower legs under the couch until his back bumped against it. She sat down on the couch and sighed, wrapping her legs around him, pulling him close, and grabbed the remote.

“I like you like this. Useful, and close, and less likely to get bored and wander off during the movie.”

He blinked behind the goggles, and wrapped his arms around her legs. “I like being like this too.” The title screen rolled up, and he groaned as she hit play. “Oh shit, this is not a good movie, didn’t I warn you about this?”

“Um-hum.” She nodded, and turned the volume up. “But I want to see it anyway, and this is what you get when you see bad movies without me. You have to watch them twice. And don’t ruin the ending, or I’ll take the goggles off and you can watch it with salt in your eyes.”

“It might improve it, actually. Or not!” He amended his statement as her fingers drifted into his peripheral vision and towards the plastic lenses over his eyes. He pushed chips away to keep them from falling into his mouth, and sighed. “I don’t know how I could ruin the ending anyway. It’s a giant monster movie. What are the odds of Godzilla just trampling all of Japan, doing a fist pump, and then wandering back into the ocean?”

She popped a chip in her mouth, and grinned. “Submit to the Godzilla movie baby, or I will buy a dinosaur costume and kick the crap out of you while wearing it. Actually, that sounds kind of hot. I wonder how sweaty those costumes are?”

He started to shake his head, then stopped, not knowing how close the chips on the edge were to falling over the side. “As sexually open-minded as I like to think I am, I’m not sure about submitting to a woman in a big green lizard costume.”

She giggled. “Crotchless green lizard costume?”

He tried to think of an objection, and failed. “Touche. I’d pretty much submit to a woman in any costume as long as it was crotchless.”

She popped another chip in her mouth, and turned up the volume. “All right, movie starting, shush. I will gag you if I need to, and stay still. Be a good boy and I’ll feed you some chips, add some nipple clamps, or even put a pretty ribbon around your filthy cock and let you play with it.”

“Yes ma’am.”

The movie started, and they leaned against each other.

Preview: His skin was hot under her hands.

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Coin Operated

This originally appeared in the K is for Kinky anthology by Cleis Press (they asked for non-exclusive rights and it was five years ago, republishing here is on the up and up just in case anyone was wondering).

“Kneel down baby, and do exactly what I say.” She licked her lips as he dropped to his knees, then grabbed his head with both hands and moved his face up until his eyes met her own.

“Oh baby, I’m going to play with you tonight.”  She purred in anticipation, and pulled his head to her breasts.  She could feel his warm breath through her shirt, and his trembling excited her.  Her hands held him there, letting her anticipation build, imagining the scene in her mind until her breathing grew heavy and she was rubbing her thighs together, the denim jeans making a raspy counterpoint to her deep breaths.

She pushed his head back, told him, “Stay.”  Reached behind her and grabbed a paper bag, fished around in it until she found the nipple clamps.  They were the clover kind that just got tighter the harder you pulled, and the mere thought of how much he hated and lusted for them made her wet.  “Put them on for me baby.”

His hands trembled as she stretched her leg forward and gently massaged his cock with her foot until he groaned and leaned back, all thoughts of covering his nudity forgotten.  As he brought the clamp closer to the sensitive nub of flesh on his chest, she started rubbing harder.  He opened the clamp and she slid her foot under him to gently massage his balls as well.  The clamp embraced his nipple and his excited moans turned to a hiss of pain. 

“Come on, now the other one.”  Her foot stopped moving, only starting her gentle strokes when he began to bring the clamp towards its target, stopping when he stopped, watching his face and smiling when he clamped down the nipple.  The chain connecting them danced and swayed in time with his hoarse, gasping breath.

“Stand up now.”  He stood up on unsteady feet, and she pulled him closer by his hard cock.  “Tonight you’re going to be my little coin operated fuck toy.  Say it.”

She watched him close his eyes and lean his head back as she slowly jacked him off, moving her hand rhythmically up and down.  He swallowed hard before he answered, and she thrilled at the uncertainty and fear in his voice.  “Tonight I’m going to be your coin operated fuck toy.”

She trembled a little when she heard the words, and felt a hot flush creep up from her chest into her face.  There was a watch in her hand, and she fiddled with it while he stood silently.  She wrapped the band of the watch around the base of his cock, cinched it tight.  “This is your timer, fuck toy.  Every three minutes, it’ll start vibrating.  That vibrating means you stop fucking.  When I push the snooze button, it’ll stop vibrating, and you start fucking again.  I’ll give you a quarter each time, since you’re a coin operated fuck toy.”

Standing up, she showed him the ball gag first.  Licking it lewdly, she ran her tongue around both sides, letting it shine with her spit.  She sucked it into her mouth, then pulled it out by the straps and watched his eyes widen at the “Pop” it made when it slid past her lips.  “Fuck toys don’t speak.”  He opened his mouth wide, and she slipped the red rubber sphere in and tightened the buckle.  The look of his jaw, so distended and unnatural, the straps making a harsh line around his face made her thighs tremble.

“Fuck toys don’t see.”  She wrapped the blindfold around his head, covering his eyes.

“Fuck toys don’t have hands.”  She could feel the reluctance in his arms as she pulled them behind his back, and rubbed herself on his leg.  Even through her clothing the friction made her moan as she ground hot pussy into his thigh, and she barely forced herself to stop when the resistance went out of his arms.  The handcuffs clicked around his wrist, and she got out the last item, a simple pair of ear plugs.

“Remember toy, the vibration starts, you stop.  I won’t tell you again, and it wouldn’t do any good anyway.  Because fuck toys don’t hear.  A fucktoy just fucks.”  She ran her tongue along his ear lobe and giggled at the moan that escaped the ball gag.  The ear plugs slid in, and she slowly took her clothes off.  Blind, deaf and dumb, his hands taken away, she watched him stand there, waiting for her to turn him on.  

A roll of quarters became an untidy silver circle on the bed stand.  She licked her lips in anticipation and felt her nipples tighten.  He stood over her seat on the edge of the bed, and she found the button that started the watch.  He jumped when it started, the vibrations from the watch were strong, traveling down his cock, into his balls, and back into his body clear to the base of his spine.  Her hand pulled his hardness into her, and she flicked a quarter at him that bounced off his chest.

Her fingers found the snooze button on the watch, and she lay back as the vibrations stopped and he started fucking her.  She closed her eyes, let her hands wander to her breasts, and enjoyed the sensation as he blindly thrust forward, pulled back, and thrust forward again.

She felt her passion building, felt his thrusts growing more frantic and uncontrolled, until the vibrations from the watch alarm traveled down his cock and into her.  He shuddered to a halt, and she slipped away, watching him shake and fight to keep his hips from thrusting his cock into the open air in a desperate search for stimulation.

Her hand wandered down to her clit, and she rubbed herself gently, laughing as the vibrations made his balls tremble and tortured his cock.  Another quarter hit him in the chest and she guided him back in, letting him feel her hand reach down to turn off the timer.  She lingered over the button, pinching his balls and feeling him tense under her hands.  Finally she turned off the watch and lay back, wrapping her legs around his waist as he frantically began fucking the instant the vibration stopped.

She let him fuck, wrapping herself around him and bouncing a quarter off his chest every time she had to turn off the timer to start his thrusting again.  Her orgasms rolled over her, and his followed.  By the fourth time he’d cum, the groans had turned to whimpers and she couldn’t get him hard with her hand anymore.  She leaned forward, and her lips wrapped around his balls, sucking gently and then licking all the way up to the head of his cock.  He tried to step back, to get away from the constant stimulation and orgasms that had turned his pubic region into a throbbing, aching mass.

Her hand wrapped around the chain on the nipple clamps, and she pulled him back to her hard.  She started licking again, gently teasing swirls on the head of his cock followed by long, sensuous strokes all along the length.  She doubled her efforts when she heard him moan, and pulled him in closer with the nipple clamps when he tried to pull away.  Her moans of pleasure were a sultry echo of his gasps of pain.

One hand pulled his head down, and drool ran down the gag onto her heaving breasts, sliding over their contours and running down her stomach.  Her free hand pulled out an earplug, and she brought her lips in close and whispered to him.  “Listen up fuck toy.  The best part of having a toy is breaking it, and I’m going to break you.  I’m going to play with you until you melt, until you collapse on the floor and won’t work no matter how hard I beat you.  Until my little fuck toy is shriveled and useless and burning and aching.  And then I’m going to fix you, all week I’m going to let my fucktoy fill up with cum and lust until he begs me to play with him again.  And then I’m going to break you all over again, and keep fixing you and breaking you until my little coin operated fuck toy can’t be fixed anymore.”

She threw a quarter at him, watched it bounce off his chest and roll across the floor and then pulled him insider her and turned the watch vibration off.      

She lay back and smiled at him.  She saw the pain rolling across him in waves, and watched tears run out from under the blindfold and mix with the drool running around the gag, but he started fucking her.  She sighed and closed her eyes, felt the warm spasms of pleasure roll over her, and wondered how long it would take her to break her new toy.

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