Winding Down

Hello all,

So, the hiatus has gone on longer than planned, but I’m mostly writing other things these days. I do have six five stories that I submitted for publication and didn’t get accepted that I’m going to put up over the next month and a half or so (one per week). So look for those on Wednesdays, and then it’ll probably go back to being quiet for awhile.

Thanks for reading,

“When you turned out the light and walked out the door,
I said to myself, “What did I come here for?”
-Concrete Blonde, “Long Time Ago


Hey all. I’m taking some time off from this blog, mainly to figure out what I want to do with it. Initially, I started it thinking I’d put some stories up, build up a (massive and huge, naturally) readership, and then write a book and make obscene amounts of money while modestly riding an ever greater surge of fame and celebrity.

At this point, my reader stats justify my writing a book, and buying a value meal with the profits if I can find a really good coupon and there’s a “Leave a penny take a penny” dish.

So thank you all for reading, I may continue putting stories up later, but for now consider this blog on hiatus.



For context, since this blog was started in 2008 (I did a couple of very small posts in 2007) I’ve had 51,909 visits. Average about 58 a day, give or take a dozen. Maybe I’m misreading this, but my understanding is that to start talking money you’re looking at the thousands a day mark. If I’m actually rocking the internet tubes, let me know, and I’d be happy to be wrong. 🙂