Ransom III

He could hear footsteps moving down the hall behind him, forced his mind to become blank, not to wonder about what she would come back with. His eyes focused on the opposite wall, counting his breaths and ignoring the sudden sweat on his skin as her footsteps returned.

“Down on all fours.” The sudden softness of her voice startled him, and he shifted backward as he sank down to the floor.

She rolled her jaw, the voice changer forgotten. The time for theater and make-believe was over, and she just wanted to someone to be torn apart for her pleasure.

He jumped as she jammed her finger in his ass, impatiently twisting and jerking it back and forth. She could imagine the jerks in his hips rolling up his back and twisting his face, forcing his eyes closed and grinding his teeth against each other. The plug slid in, stretching him further, making his lungs collapse and force air out in a gasp. She pushed it in holding the base hard against his skin until she felt his muscles relax. The curly tail twitched with his breaths, and she licked her lips.

“Wag your tail piggy. Aren’t you happy to see your ma’am?”

His hips slowly rolled to one side and then the other as he gasped. “Do pigs do that? I’m pretty sure that’s dogs, I know cats don’t…”

His arms collapsed and his face landed on the floor as the toes of her boot caught him in the balls, and his legs jerked. The plug bounced and swayed, a pendulum tracking his painful spasms.

“I don’t really care. We can discuss it if you like, but you WILL wag your tail.”

He jerked his hips from side to side, felt the plug moving inside him, the weight of the protruding tail jerking it back and forth as he blinked his eyes and tryed to ignore the pain in his balls.

Only her eyes moved as she tracked the muscles moving under his skin, imagined turning them into a bruised, aching mass of discolored skin. “Well, would you like to discuss it further?”

His hips reflexively twitched to one side, expecting another kick. “No ma’am.”

“Good.” She watched his hips roll, smirked down at his sudden silence. “Such a smart boy, with so little to say… if you’re not using your mouth to talk, you should use it to oink, like a happy little piggy.” She watched his back stiffen, pushed him a little further. “Turn around first though, I want to see those pretty eyes while you oink for me.” Watched his shoulders tense, and drove the humiliation deeper. “And point your ass at the mirror so I can still see your tail wiggle.”

Licked her lips, and fed her own hunger. “And your oinking had better be very entertaining, because as soon as I’m tired of it, the screaming is going to start.”

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