The Book, or I Finally Broke Down and Did It

Hello all,

So, I published a book of collected short stories from this blog on Amazon Kindle. I want to stress that there is NO NEW CONTENT in this book. I totally recycled stories posted on here, cleaned them up a little (at… one… point… I… really… liked… ellipses…) compiled them, and put them on Amazon.

I’m working on a dead tree Lulu version, but this was the quickest and easiest to do, so it got done first. If there’s any other platform people are dying for (I’ll probably do Smashwords, for non-Kindle e-reader users), let me know and I’ll consider it. As much as I’d love to cater to every niche publisher and hardware configuration, any time I’m formatting is time I’m not writing.

So if you want to support the blog, desperately need forty-four of the stories with a quick proof-read and minor corrections, or just have more money than you know what to do with, here’s the link:

Yeah, I’m never going to make it as a salesman, but whatcha gonna do?

-Jerry Jones, V.