Choose Your Own Adveture 5: More Suffering!

Probably make more sense if you started at the start… Chapter 1

Finally he whimpered and fell over, pulling his legs up to his chest. “Please, no more…”

She arched an eyebrow, and hefted the cane in her hand.

She swung it above his body like a pendulum, looking down at him, clinically observing his reactions. Trying to determine if he really could take a little more, or if his body couldn’t be pushed any further without breaking.

“Well Navaux, it seems the rumors overstated your passion for corporal punishment. Get back up on your hands and knees, and take five more strokes, and I’ll let beg me to suffer in some other manner.”

He groaned and took a deep breath, but slowly pushed himself up to his hands and knees.

She didn’t hesitate, and the cane smacked hard into his body again. He barked a short yell, and his body jerked.

“What do we say Navaux? I would hate to think you weren’t grateful.”

His eyes blinked, trying to clear the tears that were flooding them. “Thank you Citizen Ma’am.”

The cane thudded into his body again. “Thank you for what, Navaux?”

“Uhhhhh… Thank you for letting me suffer in some other way, Citizen Ma’am.”

Again the cylinder tore into his flesh, nerve endings sending signals of damage and harm to his brain. He tried to push them aside, to focus on the words. “Thank you for punishing me Citizen Ma’am.”

“Hm.” She murmured a happy sound, and hit him again. “You’re welcome.”

“Thank you for punishing me ma’am.”

His body slumped, and she smiled. “You can beg to suffer in some other way now.” Red welts were already forming, and she ran a finger lightly along one scarlet line. She dragged her finger along his spine, walking around to stand in front of him, and kneel down to look into his eyes. “You need to beg to suffer some other way now.”

He nodded, and his lips moved, but no words came out.

She nodded back. “Start with the word ‘Please.'”

“Please…” He swallowed and tried to focus. “May I suffer some other way?”

She nodded. “That will do. On your back, hands at your side.”

She waited for him to roll his body over, feeling a tremor work its way over her body as he flinched when his skin touched the floor. She settled herself carefully over his chest, then lowered her weight onto his sternum. His breathing became shallow, and sped up as her weight kept his lungs from fully inflating.

She started to punch him, her fist crashing into the meaty part of his pectoral muscle, high on his body. She watched him flinch, felt him trying to breath, and smiled as his eyes rolled back into his head. Her fist hammered into his body until he was twitching in time with the blows, little tortured gasps working their way out of his lips.

She slowed down, lifted herself a little, let some of the fog clear from his head, then patted his cheek. “Navaux? I let you off easy last time, but I’m going to need you to beg me and tell me how you’d like to be tortured now. And if I don’t like your suggestion, it’ll be off to the guillotine.”

He took a deep breath, and blinked his eyes, trying to clear his head. He wasn’t thinking about trying to win the game anymore, or worrying about the storyline, he just tried to imagine what would please her.

“Citizen ma’am, please torture my cock and balls…”

…and here’s the voting part…

1. Citizen Ma’am accepts that and tortures his cock and balls.
2. Nope! Off with his head!

Preview: Ink always aided the discovery.

Copyright Jerry Jones.