Sweet Dreams

“I really wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

He paused, pants halfway down his legs, hunched over. “What? Take off my clothes?”

She propped her head up one hand. “Come to bed.”

“Why not?” He shifted his weight, balancing carefully.

“I’ve been feeling… I guess the word is predatory lately. I really want to take down something strong that is temporarily weak and helpless.” Her eyes roamed up and down his body, fixing on the curve where his neck met his shoulder. “Like when it was asleep.”

He slid his pants down his legs, and licked his lips. “Asleep?”

“Um-hum.” She licked her lips and nodded. “You’ve been dropping your subtle hints about being locked in chastity again lately, and I’ve been wondering if I could put it on you while you slept.”

He pulled his pants off and tossed them in the clothes hamper, then grinned at her. “That doesn’t sound so bad, actually.”

“I’ve also been wondering about coating the inside of it with Icy-Hot.”

He winced. “That sounds less fun.”

“I know.” Her eyes narrowed, and she eyed his underwear. “Loose the boxers, they’re chafing me.”

He pulled them off slowly, then tossed them in the hamper. “Uhm…”

She motioned him closer with her free hand. “Do you think you’d wake up if I put a collar around your neck? I kind of want to chain you to the bed, and
not let you go until you get me off with your mouth. That would make your cock hard, wouldn’t it? I mean, that would really get whatever I put on the inside of that plastic tube that controls your cock smeared on well, wouldn’t it? I’d just hate for you to go running off to the bathroom to try to wash it off before I was done with your mouth.”

He whimpered, and carefully slid into bed, not taking his eyes off of her.

“You don’t by the way. Wake up. I put a collar on you last night, took it off, and you didn’t wake up at all. Slept like a baby. And lose the shirt.”

He pushed the shirt up over his head, and dropped it on the floor behind him. His breathing was harder and faster, and his cock twitched at the thought of waking up to pain and captivity.

She shifted her weight, then pulled the covers down and smiled pleasantly at the sight of his naked body. “I know you’re wondering if I’m just bluffing, and I’d hate for you to be uncertain. So I took some pictures.” She slid her phone across the bed to him, and flicked it awake with a swipe of her finger.

The picture was of him, asleep, with a collar around his neck. The next picture was of her holding the chastity cage over his cock. He looked carefully, but couldn’t tell if the glistening plastic was just the flash, or if there was something smeared on the inside. The next picture was a of a cat. He frowned and slid it back across the bed to her.

“Turn the light off, and scooch over. I want to cuddle, and I want to be the big spoon. And maybe if you hold me tight enough, I won’t feel like moving and doing those horrible things to you.”

He flipped the light off and moved over to her side of the bed, wrapping his arm around her and pulling her tight. His cock was hard, and she purred as she felt it pressing up against her.

“Or maybe I will. Sweet dreams.” She snuggled back against him, closed her eyes, and started to drift off.

He laid there for a long time, wondering if she was really asleep, then closed his own eyes and drifted off.

Preview: “Locking it up isn’t enough. I want you to ache to be released.”

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Sounds of Home

*swish* *swish* *thud*

Laying on the bed, with his eyes closed, he could almost imagine the muffled sounds weren’t coming from the people upstairs. He could pretend he was handcuffed to the bedposts, on his knees, with a hood or blindfold over his eyes as she stalked from one side of the room to the other deciding how to hurt him next. A thudding pain erupting across his shoulder blades, or a stinging pain appearing on his ass.

The handcuffs biting into his wrists, his body jerking against them, metal gouging into his flesh. Harsh, hot breath pouring out of his mouth reflected back at him. Moans, tears, agony filling his brain, erasing every conscious thought. Shoving stress, anxiety, and worry out of his brain until all that was left was one simple thought: Take one more hit. He reached over and flipped off the light, focusing on the sounds coming from above him.

*swish* *swish* *thud*

Her dress rustled as she moved across the room, and her luggage made a soft impact as she dropped it on the floor. The sounds tugged at her consciousness, reminding her of awkward rustlings as his jeans slid across the carpet in their home. Of the sound of his knees hitting the floor as she grabbed his hair and shoved down. She walked back across the room, just to hear the sound again.

Another hotel room in another city. Work had her on the road a lot lately, and she missed those sounds. Of dragging him from room to room on a leash, but more of his crawling to her of his own volition. Of his sitting on the floor in front of the couch and wrapping her legs around him, leaning back against her, letting her know that he wanted to be taken.

Memories of pushing him down, breaking him into pieces, then pulling him up and putting him back together washed over her. Of seeing how strong he was, and helping him be stronger. She walked back across the room, focusing on the sounds, and flopped down on the bed, looking up at the usual painting of a landscape on the wall.

*swish* *swish* *thud*

She was checking to see how many bars she had when the phone rang. His name flashed across the screen, and she smiled.

Preview: She never told him she was waiting for the smile.

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.