Into the Light

“Wake up.” Her foot pushed into his side, then became light kicks until he opened bleary eyes and looked up at her. She smiled down at him. “Good morning sunshine. There are two bags in the trunk of the car. Go get them, put them in the tub.” She sat back down at her desk, started scrolling through messages on the computer screen.

He sat up groggily, looked towards the bathroom. She shook her head without looking at him. “No. Car. Bags. Bathtub. Now boy.”

“Yes ma’am.” He got up, grabbed car keys off the nightstand, and shuffled through the house barefoot to the garage. Cold concrete and grit made him skip, wincing across the floor to the back of the car. The light in the trunk flicked on and shined down on two large bags of potting soil. He pulled the bags out and set them on the floor, then shut the trunk and put them on top of it. He carefully shifted one bag to each shoulder, their limp weight wrapping down his chest into his collarbones. He grimaced slighty as his feet ground further into the debris on the floor.

She smiled as he walked past her, got up and followed him into the bathroom. The two bags thumped into the tub with dull smacks, and he straightened, then slowly turned to face her. She narrowed her eyes, then started punching his chest lightly, the impact getting harder until he had to force his eyes to stay open and his gasps turned to whimpers. She stopped when his breath got erratic, shallow gasps and hard swallows.

“You really are a disgusting… thing. Not even an animal. I like animals. But you… I want you to see how disgusting you are. Take off your clothes. Get in the tub and open the bags, then spread the dirt around. Close the drain first. I’ll be right back.”

She watched him over her shoulder as he stripped and climbed into the tub. He pulled open the bags, pushing his fingers through the plastic and tearing it, then dumped one at each end, looking from pile to pile. He started to push double handfuls towards the center. She came back as he was scooching towards the end, moving dirt from a pile into the middle of the tub. He looked up at her, dirt sticking to his hand, small clumps falling off as he held them away from his body.

She sat down carefully on the edge, and started to wrap grey nylon rope around his neck. “No pretty leather collar for you. We used this to tie the couch to the roof of the car. Since then its been under the car seat.” She wrapped loop after loop around his neck, until it covered him from shoulder to chin. “A disgusting collar for a disgusting boy.” She tied off the end, made sure he could breathe, then measured carefully and pulled the other end of the rope around the claw leg of the cast iron tub. “I’ll leave you enough slack to lay down, but you don’t get to stand up. I’m taking that away.”

She tied off the rope. “Try to stand up. Slowly.”

He pushed himself to a crouching position, then slowly rose until the rope stopped him while he was still bent ninety degrees at the waist. She smiled. “Perfect. Turn, carefully.” She watched as he shuffled his feet through the dirt to present his profile. “I thought of you when I saw this. A nice piggy tail butt plug to keep your from sitting.”

His breathing got harder as she wiped lubricant onto the plug, then slid her finger into his ass. Pushing, pulling her finger in and out until he was groaning and his thighs were trembling. She slipped the end of the plug into his ass, holding it at the widest part, then letting it slide inside the base stopped it.

“Back on your knees. Almost there.” He felt the plug shifting and pulling as he moved back to his knees, the rope pulling a little tighter as he swallowed hard and the muscles in his neck tensed. He swallowed again, just to feel it, warm euphoria settling into his head. Her words were blurred now, soft and fuzzy.

“Stick out your tongue.” She put one chopstick on top, the other on the bottom, then slid them back until they rested against his cheeks and wrapped rubber bands around them, pulling them tight and cinching the wooden rods down into slimy pink flesh. She pushed his hair back gently, softly kissed his forehead, then held him gently as the spit slid out of her mouth and down his face. She forced more warm spit past her lips, then leaned back and watched him blink as it slid down his skin. She looked at him. “Wipe it off boy.”

He looked at his hands, still covered in dirt, then slowly wiped them across his forehead from the middle out. His motions got rougher, faster as he used both hands to force dirt into the trail of her spit. His fingers were gouging into his flesh when she patted his head. “OK, stop now. Don’t swallow. You’re disgusting, but I’d still rather you not eat dirt. You can drink out of the tub faucet if you get thirsty. Piss if you need to, I don’t care.” She shrugged. “I mean you’re already disgusting. I don’t imagine rolling around in piss-mud will change that.” She watched the drool pool in his mouth and start to trace its way down towards the black dirt piled around him, then got up and walked to the door.

His eyes followed her, and she paused at the doorway. She turned and looked at him, burning the sight into her memory, then put her finger on the light switch. The room went dark, and she turned away. “I’ll be back in to check on you through the day. Hurt you. Grind you into that filth. I haven’t decided yet if you’ll be sleeping there or not. Depends on how disgusting you look I suppose.” She pulled the words out slowly, and could feel his eyes on her as a whispered, mangled “Yesh maum,” came to her from his distended mouth.

Her silhouette was already reaching for the door handle as she whispered “You’re beautiful, boy.”

The door clicked shut, and he laid down in the filth in the darkness, waiting for her to come back and push him down further into the light.

Copyright Jerry Jones. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

7 thoughts on “Into the Light”

  1. Welcome back, missed your writing. You are bad, so bad, so good. Delicious and original scenes of d/s. Wow !

    1. Thanks Mike. Yeah, I needed a break. I was starting to think about chateaus and such…


  2. “He swallowed again, just to feel it, warm euphoria settling into his head. Her words were blurred now, soft and fuzzy.”

    Lovely. I like seeing some of his perspective.

    Welcome back.


  3. Umm gorgeous twas that.Loved the thing with the tongue.Left their suffering for your pleasure sorry her pleasure.Of course he would have the fullest of bladders not being allowed to go before picking up the soil.

    Still the mud filled bath will make a good cat litter.

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