June 25, 2008


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She rolled the pennies in her hand as she walked down the hall, feeling the metal discs grind together in her palm.  Jingled them against one another, let them slip between her fingers and pushed them back into her fist with her thumb.

She’d given him the jar awhile ago.

“A jar?”

She’d licked her lips and nodded, sat down on his lap and worked her lips across his neck.  “Not just a jar, a very special jar.”  She’d planned to make him guess, tease him with it, but the anticipation was too delicious not to taste and the words rushed out of her.  “That, is your whore jar.”  She’d leaned back and smiled so she could see his eyes move from her to the jar and back, suddenly wary, nervous, frightened.

“My whore jar?”

“Yes.”  She’d gone back to kissing him, rolling her lips up to the lobes of his ear.  “Every time I use you, I’ll put some change in the jar, but only if you’re a good whore.  When it’s full, you can give it to me, and I’ll let you out so you can cum.  Not before it’s full though.”

His hips bucked under her, involuntarily, as she grabbed a handful of hair and pulled.  He felt her gasping laughter against his face, and thought about the chastity device she’d locked him in three days ago.  He’d asked her when she’d take it off, but she’d just smiled and told him not to worry.

That she had something in mind.

She held his head in her hands, felt him trying to look back at the jar.  “Now, I bet you’re wondering how long it will take to fill that jar, but I can’t tell you.  It all depends on how good of a whore you are.  A very good whore, who takes a beating without complaining, even eagerly, might get a whole ten cents a lashing.”

“Ten cents?!”

Her laughter made her shake against him, and he felt himself trying to get hard in the steel tube.  She ground herself against his thigh and pulled his head down to her breasts.  “I know, you don’t deserve that much, but I’m feeling generous.  And lippy whores, or bad whores, they make much less.  They might even lose money if they’re not careful.  Now, are you ready to start earning some of my pocket change, whore?”

He groaned as his flesh pushed against the locked chastity tube.  She felt him fighting against her, wanting to get up and walk away, at least protest and argue.  Her hand found his and pulled it down the front of her jeans, let him feel how wet her panties were.  She pushed his knuckles tight against her slit and they moaned together.

“I said, are you ready to earn some pennies, whore?”

He’d nodded, hissed out a reluctant “Yessss.”

He earned thirty-seven cents that evening before she hopped in the shower and left him handcuffed to the bed, beaten and bruised, naked except for a steel tube locked to his groin.  Legs held apart in a spreader bar, blinking his eyes and working his aching jaw back and forth.

In the morning, she’d given him two more pennies.  One for sleeping in the wet spot, and one for spending the night in bondage.

She paused at the door and thought about tonight.  His jar was almost full, but not quite.  She’d watched the glass become an obsession with him, a way of keeping score in their perverse games.  At first he’d refused to look at it, then he started to steal glances when he thought she wasn’t looking.  She started making him put the pennies in the jar himself, watched him learn what was worth more to her.  Beg to be used in the ways that would fill the jar faster, buy his release sooner.  Bring her the hard rubber flogger he hated in his mouth, crawling to her on his hands and knees, biting down hard on the gag she offered him, lying naked in front of her heaving, joyous body and counting the pennies she dropped on the floor.  Always frustrated, always locked tight in his chastity, imprisoned by his limits and wishing he could take just a little more pain.  Except, maybe, tonight.

She’d been saving her pennies, waiting for this night too.  When the jar was almost full, right at the point where he could fill it up, but not easily.  Where he’d have to beg her to push his limits hard, to hurt him more than she ever had before, to torture him and wreak havoc on his flesh for the pennies in her hand.

To break him down into a whimpering, sobbing, lust filled thing who only existed to hurt for her.

She let herself in the apartment, and automatically looked to the jar.

It was empty.  Sitting under it was an envelope.  Her breath caught in her throat, afraid she had pushed too far, that he had taken his pennies and left.  That she hadn’t held him enough, told him how she felt, that she had taken her stupid fucking games too far.  Trembling hands picked up the envelope and opened the flap, peered inside through quick forming tears.

She closed her eyes, and shuddered for a moment.

Walked through the house, looking for him.

She found him in the bedroom, asleep in his shoes.  Of course.

She sat down on the bed, leaned over and kissed him, pulled him tightly against her.  He woke up smiling, rolled over and put his head in her lap, looking up at her.  “Hey, what’s wrong?”

“You’re what’s wrong.  I thought…”  She stopped, ran the back of her hand across her eyes.  “I thought you hated Tom Waits.”

He shrugged and rolled his eyes.  “A couple of his songs aren’t bad.  The Matilda one is pretty good.  And he doesn’t tour that often.  And I had all those pennies, and a guy at work had a couple of tickets he couldn’t use.”  He shrugged again and looked away.  “And you like him a lot.  And there’s always more pennies, right?”

Her fingers slid though his hair, teasing and pulling it.  “Yeah.  There’s always more pennies.”

Three hours later, a woman walked into a gas station, and asked for a roll of pennies.  The bored cashier popped her gum and told her she’d have to make a purchase.

Twitching fingers tossed a stick of beef jerky on the counter, left it and just took the change.  The cashier shrugged, tore open the stick of jerky and went back to reading her magazine.

The clerk didn’t see the woman walking back to her car, tearing the paper away from the roll of pennies, rolling the brightly shining coins back and forth in her hand.

Copyright Jerry Jones.  Unauthorized use is prohibited.


  1. Garden Fence said,

    Oh, he is so good. I love this story, I love this man in this story. Where can I get one?!

    I must now check your site daily for a fix of sexy-hot mixed with heartstring-yanking.

  2. Vague said,

    I think you get the man the same place you get the woman. Which is, unfortunately to say, in fiction. Pity.

    And glad you liked, my actual update schedule is once a week with a target of Friday, but the latter half of the week has been pretty hectic lately so I’ve been putting them up early. But it’s nice to hear the words are at least mildly addictive. Thanks.

  3. Garden Fence said,

    It doesn’t cost me anything to check regularly. ❤

  4. Mythomane said,

    This is so incredibly hot. All your stories here are, really. I have trouble finding erotica that I really like, and you are so wonderfully on the mark every time. I’m thrilled to have found your site. Thank you for writing and posting these stories!

  5. littlesubmissions said,

    You are welcome, and thank you for the kind words.

  6. bitchyjones said,

    Thank you. I am your most devoted fan.

    Jones x

  7. Vague said,

    You’re not so bad yourself, Jones. And you’re more than welcome.

    So, you going to buy Jack a jar? 🙂

    Of course, if you were so inclined you could fix a dollar (all right, pounds sterling) amount instead of a volume, and drop the pennies in the jar yourself after the scene. Then they’d have to count the pennies (pence) to find out how many they earned. And if you were further inclined they might have to wait until the banks opened if you couldn’t be arsed to take payment in change, which could be very unpleasant if it were a holiday.

    If you were so inclined.

  8. Tom Allen said,

    Great imagery. And the chastity device is a nice twist!

  9. Vague said,

    Thanks Tom, I was wondering what someone who used such devices would think of the incentive program to have it taken off versus what seems to be the more common time lock program.

  10. Brook said,

    It is my response to erotica like this that helps me to believe that I am a dominant woman… too bad there isn’t more like this out there! Certainly it would be hard to find any mainstream pornography with this kind of relationship dynamic–and you do such a great and sexy job of portraying it. Thank you, Vague/Little Submissions.

  11. littlesubmissions said,

    You’re welcome, and I do seem to have acquired rather a lot of aliases…

  12. bitchyjones said,

    I shall tell Jack you thought of him.

    Jones xxx

  13. Tom Allen said,

    I was wondering what someone who used such devices would think of the incentive program to have it taken off versus what seems to be the more common time lock program.

    V, I think that you caught the essence. I’ve just been discussing this on EoV, and one of the weird things about OD and Chastity play is that it can turn into a “I can hold out just a little bit more” exercise. As much as you want to come, for some of us there’s a little voice that says “Last time it was 12 days. C’mon, you can go for 18 this time.”

    Also, if you’re fortunate, you can reach a point where you transcend the need for an orgasm/ejaculation and can learn to focus on the more sensual and erotic elements which can be extremely fulfilling. I used to refer to that part as having a mental orgasm.

  14. Vague said,

    Jones – Thanks, it’ll be nice to know why he’s strangling me if we ever meet.

    Tom – Huh, that was pretty much on accident, but nice to know it worked.

  15. Tom Allen said,

    Huh, that was pretty much on accident, but nice to know it worked.

    Sshhhh! You’re s’posed to say “Yeah, thought so, so I wrote it that way.”

    Seriously, I would have responded the way your character did. Not everyone would have, though.

  16. Vague said,

    I like to keep expectations low, actually.

    Well, Tom Waits does tend to provoke strong reactions in a lot of people. 🙂

  17. Elizabeth said,

    Vague –

    Your comment sections are nearly as good as your stories, and that’s saying something.

    Loved this,thanks.


  18. Vague said,

    Yeah, I like the comments too. 🙂

  19. Phalene said,

    You know, a romance story has never really made me cry before. This is too sweet. *Sniff*

    • littlesubmissions said,

      Thank you. 🙂

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