Hey all. I’m taking some time off from this blog, mainly to figure out what I want to do with it. Initially, I started it thinking I’d put some stories up, build up a (massive and huge, naturally) readership, and then write a book and make obscene amounts of money while modestly riding an ever greater surge of fame and celebrity.

At this point, my reader stats justify my writing a book, and buying a value meal with the profits if I can find a really good coupon and there’s a “Leave a penny take a penny” dish.

So thank you all for reading, I may continue putting stories up later, but for now consider this blog on hiatus.



For context, since this blog was started in 2008 (I did a couple of very small posts in 2007) I’ve had 51,909 visits. Average about 58 a day, give or take a dozen. Maybe I’m misreading this, but my understanding is that to start talking money you’re looking at the thousands a day mark. If I’m actually rocking the internet tubes, let me know, and I’d be happy to be wrong. 🙂

12 thoughts on “PSA”

  1. You’re not forgetting those of us on Google Reader, are you? Coz I don’t come to the actual site often but I would buy a book. And then keep it in my nightstand drawer.

    1. People on google reader show up in the referrer-ma-jigger, so I’m pretty sure they’re getting counted. And writing books is one way I’m considering going, I’ve got about 1/4 or so of a book done. But when I do a weekly post, that’s also writing I’m not doing in the book, so the blog is slowing that down. Lately it’s just seemed more like a chore than something I enjoy, and I think that’s starting to effect the writing.

      It would be pretty awesome to have a book in someone’s nightstand drawer though. 🙂

  2. While I’m pretty bummed that you’re stopping this, I’m looking forward to grabbing whatever book you publish to keep handy.

    1. Thanks muchly. It’s not a definite death sentence for the blog or anything, just saying I need to get away from it a bit, think it over.

  3. Very sad news.

    But from my point of view you are thinking in the wrong direction: Stopping to blog your – really great! – stories will not give you more readers or more buyers of your book. The better way would be to think how to attract more readers to your stories, maybe add a way to donate for your single stories (using flattr oder even a donation by paypal) so we can give you back something.

    But one thing I am rather sure of: You will not become rich writing that kind of great stories you do. Probably there are not enough people who love that. 😉

    1. Honestly, if I want to attract readers I know how: Insert the word blackmail into the title, make it about forced feminization, and lots and lots of strap-on sex.

      Because you’re totally right, this is a niche thing. On the upside, I got a plan… 🙂

      Thanks for the comments, and reading.

  4. I want to read a book by you too.

    If the pieces for the blog distract your energies from the other texts too much, and begin to feel like a chore, you can just let them rest indefinitely until you should feel like writing one again. You could always change ‘Updates on Wednesdays’ to ‘Updates whenever you feel like writing a short piece for a blog’, regardless whether the intervals turn out to be various weeks or various months.

    Have fun following your muse and spinning your plots.

    1. Thank you, I believe I’ve worked out something where everyone can win! Especially me! But the readers too! Exclamation points!

  5. You are a good writer with a wicked imagination and the image of a really, really great femdom relationship. Write your book, please.

    Thanks for the good blogging. Loved it. Should have logged in 5 times a day I know now.

    1. Thank you, but that would still have only put me up to 60 views a day or so. 🙂

      And generally I like the feeling of being off in the corner of the internet doing my own thing, sometimes it just isn’t goal compatible. But I think I got a way around that.

  6. Thanks and good luck.

    My literary agent two cents – nobody made money on written porn even before the Internet, let alone now. If the blog isn’t fun for you or publicizing something else that you do that makes money, then you are correct – it is a distraction.

    Bad news is that a book version may not pay, unless you wrap your obvious talent in a marketable format and genre. Research the amazon sales ranks of similar work and do the math.

    1. From what I can tell most writers (porn, genre, or mainstream) don’t make money even now, with the exception of the mega-stars and the people who get movie deals. At least not enough to quit their day jobs.

      I think all your advice is sound, and thank you for it. I think I’ve got a way where I can get something out of this, and people can keep reading, for awhile at least. Post on that to come momentarily.

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